Painter Saskatoon | In a world where DIY projects are increasingly popular, hiring a professional painter can make all the difference when it comes to achieving exceptional results. Aaron Timoffee Painting, a renowned painting company in Saskatoon, emphasizes the advantages of seeking professional expertise over tackling painting projects by yourself.

The Advantages of Hiring a Professional VS Doing it Yourself?

One of the main advantages of hiring professional Saskatoon painting companies is the wealth of knowledge they bring to the table. When it comes to Saskatoon painting, many people rely on advice from paint salesmen at home improvement stores who may not have real-time experience or expertise in the field. These salesmen often promote products based on brochures and sales tactics, lacking the in-depth understanding that professional Saskatoon painting companies possess.

Professional Saskatoon painting contractors know the proper direction to take with application methods and products, including primers. While some of the primers available to homeowners are user and environmentally friendly, they may not last as long as the professional-grade primers used by experts. For example, at Aaron Timoffee Painting, we utilize solid oil primers on exterior wood projects, followed by top coats of 100% acrylic paint to ensure longevity and quality. We strive to use the highest-end products available to deliver exceptional results.

In addition, we encourage the use of Sherwin Williams rain refresh, which acts as a protective shield against water and other particles. This product is highly effective in repelling substances, making it virtually impossible for anything, including tape, to stick to it. In fact, our reliance on Sherwin Williams rain refresh led us to develop a specialized high adhesion tape with a tape company to ensure optimal performance with these products.

Added External Perspectives

In our quest for more insights from fellow trade professionals, we engaged in a conversation with Logan from Logan Cross Construction in Calgary. We sought his perspective on the advantages of enlisting a professional as opposed to tackling a project on one’s own, particularly within the construction industry. Upon querying Logan about the benefits of hiring a professional versus a DIY approach, 

he shared the following insights:

“Well you are going to get more professional results obviously, because that is what these people do day in, day out. You are also not going to have to invest in specialized tools that most people don’t think about when they are thinking about a DIY project.”

“Lets use building a deck for an example, many people think they will be good with a circular saw and an impact you will probably be good to build it. You are but, there is still a lot of accoutrement that you need. There’s levels, squares, string lines, shovels to dig the holes, stuff to mix the concrete, and I don’t think guys think about all that stuff.”

“There are a lot of sub-costs to doing a project at home, whether you are doing it yourself, or doing it through a professional, but you can lessen those costs when doing it through a professional.”

During our discussion, we also inquired if Logan had personally witnessed any instances where DIY projects went awry over the years.

Logan shared the following anecdotes:

“Yes, we get called in to fix them usually. It’s not that they were trying to do it wrong, it’s just that they didn’t know what they were doing and didn’t stop to watch a YouTube video, or we’re watching the wrong YouTube video or they were just in over their heads.”

“Even we have sub-trades that we call out for certain things. We don’t touch electrical, we don’t touch plumbing or gas because we hire professionals. Let the guys who do that job do that job, they do it well and no one gets a messy basement or is shocked by electricity and everybody goes home happy.”

As we continued our conversation, Logan emphasized that individuals who opt for DIY projects often find themselves losing considerable time due to tackling tasks beyond their capabilities, leading to frustrations and roadblocks that require professional assistance. Consequently, there are compelling reasons why hiring a professional might prove to be the ideal choice for you and your family. By doing so, you can embark on your project with the assurance of a well-executed result, minimal headaches, and fewer unforeseen expenses, allowing you to truly enjoy the finished product.

DIY The Sacrifice of Knowledge and Understanding That Professionals Possess

By choosing the DIY route, you sacrifice the extensive knowledge and understanding that professionals possess. Painting projects can present unexpected challenges, and without the necessary expertise, you may find yourself frustrated and facing subpar results.

Now, let’s discuss the cost-effectiveness of hiring a professional Saskatoon house painter. Contrary to popular belief, hiring professionals can be more cost-effective in the long run. Homeowners often end up paying full retail prices for painting products, while Saskatoon painting contractors like us enjoy discounted prices. For instance, a homeowner may pay $100 per gallon of paint, while contractors can obtain the same product for around $60 per gallon. By hiring professionals, you can take advantage of these cost savings.

Moreover, most Saskatoon painting companies work efficiently and utilize their expertise to minimize the amount of paint and other resources required for the project. This not only saves you money but also reduces wastage and ensures a more sustainable approach to painting.

The Darker Side Of DIY Painting Projects

Relating to the quality and peace of mind that is exchanged when choosing to hire a professional painting company. We decided to reach out to another well known painting company in Calgary, Alberta and spoke to Steve from Bow West Painting Ltd about the darker side of DIY painting projects.

Here’s what Steve had to say:

“People don’t always understand the amount of paint that needs to be applied, many who choose to go the DIY route have a tendency to think you can throw the paint on the wall and will smooth-out, but it doesn’t.”

“It all starts by knowing how much to have on your paint brush when you are cutting in, to knowing how much you need on your roller as you’re rolling it out, and knowing how to spread it properly, so it’s even.”

“When you have too much on your roller and you are going close to a corner, or a door frame, you can end up with a lot of mess.”

We also asked Steve if he has personally seen a lot of DIY projects that have gone 

wrong in the past. 

Steve explained that over the past 20 years in the business, Steve has seen over one hundred DIY painting projects that have gone wrong as a result of DIYers trying to get a painting project completed for a lower price than they were initially quoted for professionally. With the end result being, calling a professional such as himself to come in and complete the job in the end. Thus leaving DIYers footing the extra bill on top of the professional painting companies’ fees to clean up the job. 

Steve urges DIYers who are dead set on ‘doing it themselves’ to do the proper research before embarking on their home painting journey’s. Recommending that all of the proper materials and tools are available on hand prior to launching the extensive work that lies ahead. 

Factors To Take Into Account Before Choosing to DIY

When deciding whether to hire professional Saskatoon painters or tackle a painting project yourself, several key factors should be considered. Firstly, evaluate the complexity of the project. Many homeowners embark on painting their entire houses, only to find themselves spending the entire summer on the task. If you have an important upcoming event, such as a wedding, anniversary, or birthday celebration, it might be wiser to hire professionals who can complete the project in a timely manner. For most interior and exterior painting projects, we typically complete the job within 7-10 days, which includes preparation and final washing.

The Potential Risks and Drawbacks of DIY Painting

Now, let’s explore the potential risks and drawbacks of attempting a painting project yourself. As professional Saskatoon painters, we have established relationships with paint stores, which means we can quickly resolve any issues that may arise with products or other aspects of the project. Homeowners, on the other hand, often have to navigate customer service hotlines or wait in line at home improvement stores to address problems.

Furthermore, professionals typically offer warranties for their work. At Aaron Timoffee Painting, we provide a 5-year warranty on all our projects, ensuring that your paint job will retain its quality and appearance for years to come. In contrast, DIYers may unknowingly make mistakes, such as using the wrong products on specific surfaces, leading to unsatisfactory results and potential paint failure.

Skills & Expertise Possessed By Professionals

Professional Saskatoon painters possess specific skills and expertise that make them invaluable for certain projects. They are well-versed in working from heights and using ladders safely, ensuring the job is completed without any accidents or injuries. Homeowners often overlook safety considerations when attempting painting projects themselves, which can pose significant risks.

Hiring a professional Saskatoon house painter not only saves you time but also reduces effort. Most interior or exterior projects can be completed within a relatively short time frame, typically 7 to 10 days. Professionals are experienced in working efficiently, taking into account various variables and delivering results promptly.

Common Mistakes Made by DIYer’s

Now, let’s address some common mistakes made by DIYers and how professionals can help you avoid them. Using the wrong products on the wrong surfaces can lead to problems such as peeling paint or inadequate adhesion. Professionals have the knowledge and experience to select the appropriate products for each substrate, ensuring a long-lasting and flawless finish.

Another common mistake is failing to properly prepare the area before painting. Many people overlook important steps like sanding and cleaning surfaces, resulting in paint failure, textured walls, or uneven colours. At Aaron Timoffee Painting, we pride ourselves on meticulous preparation, leaving your home looking fresh, smooth, and brand new after the project is completed.

DIY Projects Gone Wrong

In our line of work, we have often been called in to clean up DIY projects gone wrong, as well as the work of other Saskatoon painting contractors. Sometimes, even experienced painters make errors or overlook crucial details. We understand the importance of thoroughness and attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the project is meticulously addressed.


Remember, “You buy once, you cry once.” While hiring a professional painter may require a slightly higher initial investment, the quality and satisfaction you gain from their work far outweigh any additional cost. In the unlikely event that issues arise after the job is completed, professionals often provide warranties and are willing to come back for touch-ups. At Aaron Timoffee Painting, we stand by our work and offer free touch-ups because we value our reputation and the quality we deliver.

We hope this blog has shed light on the advantages of hiring a professional Saskatoon painting company for your next painting project. When it comes to achieving exceptional results, leaving it to the experts at Aaron Timoffee Painting is the way to go. 

Stay tuned for more informative posts and helpful tips on all things related to painting!