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Saskatoon Plaster Painting | This is the hottest trend in modern luxury, commercial, and residential decorative wall coatings. If handled by experts, it becomes an eternal feature, and it will make anyone who comes in contact with it speechless. So, what is venetian plaster? The answer lies in its composition, application method, and final effect.

Venetian plaster has many names; polished plaster, Italian plaster, polished rendering, etc. Venetian plaster is a thin finish of slaked lime mud. It is mixed with materials such as quartz, marble, or kaolin and colored with pigments. The plaster can be applied in different ways to make exquisite hand-decorated wall paint.

 The applications of Venetian plaster are endless. And its limitation depends on how creative you can be. It can be used for bathroom and kitchen walls. Venetian plaster wall coatings are not limited to internal applications. Because the underlying products and technologies are the same for external projects. Allows high-end luxury finishes to be applied to exterior walls, entrances, and outdoor living areas

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Saskatoon Plaster Painting | Types of venetian plaster

Saskatoon Plaster Painting | Commercially used names are somewhat confusing because there is no standard naming system used in Venice, Italy’s stucco production. The name can refer to a composition, style, or just a trademark, or some combination of the two. The vernacular use of the term “Venetian” caused further confusion; it refers to all types and techniques of decorative plasterwork.

In our terminology, we classify our plasters based on the grains and types of application.

  • Stucco Veneziano

    This type of plaster does not contain sand, and it is applied in multiple thin layers. It can be applied very subtle and matt, or it can be polished to a high reflective mirror gloss like marble.

  • Marmorino Fine

    It’s thinner and contains very little quantity of sand. Apply matte or medium or polish to increase color change and movement.

  • Marmorino Grosso

    It has similarities with fine plasters, but the particles and sand are slightly thicker, forming more texture and thickness on the surface. It’s Popular to create linear, diagonal, distress, crack, and many creative techniques to create visual effects.

  • Traventino

    It is the thickest Plaster with the largest particles and sand. Highly durable, suitable for exterior applications.

Saskatoon Plaster Painting | Why you should apply Venetian Plaster to your property

Saskatoon Plaster Painting | Although acrylic resin can enhance it, after correct application, using plaster alone can create a rock hard, deep, and smooth, with a marble-like appearance, which radiates a glossy, high sheen.

It is famous not only because of its fantastic luxury effect but also because the lime-based Venetian plaster paint is made of materials with lower levels of harmful chemicals, making it hypoallergenic and resistant to the effects of mold and algae.  Venetian stucco can also regulate humidity.

Venetian plaster’s gloss effect gives it a certain prestige and elegance when used because its crystalline beauty looks impressive.

Saskatoon Plaster Painting | How we apply it

Saskatoon Plaster Painting | Like ordinary plaster, Venetian plaster is usually applied on primers and basecoat, but over time, the change that occurs during the application process is the amount of coating required. In the past, the Romans used up to ten layers of Plaster, but now, with the advancement of technology, only 1-4 layers of thin trowel are needed to obtain the desired surface effect.

 When applying the last layer of Venetian plaster, a unique technology uses a special steel trowel to polish the surface to make the surface look like a shiny glass that leaves a deep impression of depth and texture.

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Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster is a type of decorative wall coating that is becoming increasingly popular in modern luxury, commercial, and residential settings, including Saskatoon. It is known by various names such as polished plaster, Italian plaster, and polished rendering.

The composition of Venetian plaster typically consists of slaked lime mud mixed with materials like quartz, marble, or kaolin. These ingredients, along with pigments for color, create a thin finish that can be applied to walls in different ways to achieve exquisite hand-decorated effects.

The versatility of Venetian plaster is one of its key strengths. Its applications are practically limitless, and it offers a wide range of creative possibilities. It can be used to enhance the appearance of bathroom and kitchen walls, creating a luxurious and elegant ambiance. Additionally, Venetian plaster is not limited to indoor use; the same products and technologies can be applied to external projects. This means that high-end luxury finishes can be achieved on exterior walls, entrances, and outdoor living areas as well.

When handled by experts, Venetian plaster can create an everlasting impact on anyone who comes into contact with it. Its beauty and unique texture make it a speechless feature in any space. If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your home or commercial space in Saskatoon, considering Venetian plaster painting could be a great option.

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